Our Board

Cory Maccarrone

One of the band's founding members in 2012, Cory built the band from the ground up, and continues to be an important part of the band's success through leadership both at rehearsals and as the lead alto sax player.

Cory got his start in jazz in high school, when he joined his school's big band. Taught by his father, a practicing jazz musician and saxophonist himself, he learned to play as a prominent lead of the band, eventually becoming proficient on clarinet and flute as well.

After graduating from college, he continued studying with Jazz Night School, and went on to found Northwest Swing itself. Since then, he has played with many groups around the Puget Sound region, including The Tempos and Coal Creek Jazz Band.

Matt Verbon

Joining Northwest Swing in 2016, Matt is dedicated to the continued success of the band.  He works tirelessly to reach out to our community for performances and to recruit new members, while playing a little Trumpet for us on the side!

Matt started out playing music at an early age following in his brother's footsteps of picking trumpet to play.  He played in two bands (symphonic and jazz) all through high school.  It's in high school where he found the love of playing swing tunes.  His high school band leader (Percy Bronson) was a local professional musician who led a local area swing band who Matt would go watch and learn from.
After high school he took some time off but always had the desire to continue playing, so he started again with Highline Community Symphonic Band and Boeing Employees Concert Band.   The aspiration to play swing music again has brought him to Northwest Swing where he can continue the passion he once had at such an early age. 


Our Members


Lisa Mahan, Vocals


Cory Maccarrone, Alto Sax*
Monica Rosman Lafever, Alto Sax
Tory White, Alto Sax
Lisa Mahan, Tenor Sax*
Lee Warner, Tenor Sax
Joseph Keyes, Baritone Sax


Dan Lewis, Trombone*
Brandon Dalessandro, Trombone
Matt Shevrin, Trombone (French Horn)
Dick Simonson, Trombone
Tony Wright, Trombone
Joe Veneziani, Bass Trombone


Jason Wright, Trumpet*
Matt Verbon, Trumpet
Mike Andrews, Trumpet
Rob Lind, Trumpet


Alan Findley, Piano
Dennis Haacks, String Bass
Erik Haugen, Guitar
Tom Dean, Drums